Make Sense?

Published December 27, 2011 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Someone once shared with me the fact that eating every 3 to 4 hours is the best way to keep your metabolism burning at optimum level.  I guess, the way it was stated to me was, that when you eat something your body will first burn the food as fuel and then move on to actual fat stored on the body.  It will burn for about 3 hours then store the rest as fat.  Therefore, if you are eating a high calorie meal and not getting much exercise most of what you eat will be stored as fat.  From what I understand each meal should be around 300 calories and of course consist of lean meat and healthy veggies.  Then, by the  end of the 3rd hour your metabolism with slow again waiting for the next meal.  I am assuming that would be the reason why starvation doesn’t work.  If you don’t eat your metabolism will almost go dormant.  It can not burn without fuel.

Make sense?  It makes perfect sense to me.  I have tried starving.  It didn’t work.  I ended up plateauing after losing the water weight.  Then I became frustrated, binged and made the situation so much worse.

I am no expert but being that I have struggled with weight problems literally all of my life gives me a little knowledge on the subject.  I may not always apply what I learn right away but I search and read everything that I can on how to be a better me 🙂

2 comments on “Make Sense?

  • I’m usually skeptical of claims that a diet or routine will “alter your metabolism” but, like you, I also found supporting studies on this while doing general health and weight-loss research.

    The difficulty, and one I also observed when I tried it, is that making all of the meals takes a more mindful approach to daily living *and* extra time for food prep than three-squares a day.

    Now, it worked…for the two weeks I tried it…but when my schedule got crazy, the small-meals got squeezed out. Compared to other diets, though, this approach is certainly better. It’s not telling us to eat cabbage soup, for example…just to eat more healthy portions and in ways that minimize cravings.

    What I *did* take away was the ability to think about how to make healthy meals more quickly, especially in the second week when I was literally “whipping up” something before walking out the door to work.

    So if you try it, good luck! It can have a lot of upside, from my limited experience.

    • Thanks Matt, I have found that preparation is key. I am with you though, it has taught me how to prepare my foods a lot healthier way. I also have a lot of recipes that I make and LOVE. I do only prepare my meals on a single serve basis and put in dishes in the fridge. My family wont eat my food.

      I am going to try and keep posting even if I am not doing well.


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