Published December 30, 2011 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, it’s Friday!  I am off at 2pm today.  That would be exciting and all, if I had something to do.  It is so bitter cold outside I have a feeling I wont go outside at all this weekend.  It’s 9 degrees and we are expecting a couple of inches of snow over the next 36 hours.  A couple of inches is nothing for us.

Anyway, I am enjoying my coffee while watching The Dr.’s. this morning.  I must have ten of them on my DVR.  Today’s episode: is about ways to weigh less!  I love that they added Jillian Michaels to the panel.  Having a weight loss and fitness expert is as important as a doctor to our health.  Preventative measures to stay healthy should be first and for most in our lives. I hate to go to the doctors.

At this point they are going over all the conditions caused by being over weight.  First of all they are saying belly fat can affect your heart by building up plaque deposits in your arteries which can result in a fatal heart attack.  #1 killer in men and women: heart disease.  Being obese also makes it harder to breathe because the added fat is causing pressure on the lungs.  An obese person can also suffer with sleep apnea because of the extra fat in the neck area.  It can also affect the brain.  Holly moly, there are so many problems associated with obesity.  However, here’s the beauty part, if you lose the weight all these conditions are reversible.

They are talking of “thinking” yourself thin.  Which I totally believe.  They are discussing hypnosis.  Been there, done that and it worked for about 3 months.  And what an awesome 3 months it was.  I do believe that you can make yourself  believe anything if you tell yourself enough.  The mind is a powerful thing.  For example, there was a time in my life that I literally hated myself.  In my mind I wasn’t even human.  I felt like a martian with good hair.  It was horrible to live that way, and I was miserable to be around.  Then, as I was reading a book written by Dr. Phil.  He made a statement in that book that changed my life.  He said to look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are a beautiful, caring person and that you love yourself.  So I did.  I did it every day even though I didn’t believe it.  Then one day I looked in the mirror, said it, and as I spoke the last word a smile came across my face.  I knew it was true.  I am a beautiful, loving caring person who loves to smile and spread happiness. That moment changed the way I looked at myself and my life.  Heck I think it even changed the way I looked, because being miserable will make a person appear frumpy, dumpy, and  just not attractive.

It just occurred to me to go into the bathroom everyday look in the mirror and tell myself I am a beautiful, thin, healthy woman who makes positive choices to live a full and productive life.




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