The A-Z of weight-loss

Published January 6, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I am watching The Doctors.  They are doing an A-Z of weight loss.

A-Aerobic (break a sweat)

B-Balance (work on your balance which can be done with an exercise ball)

C-Calories (know what the right amount of calories are for YOU)

D-Determination (#1 Always know your worth #2Visualize your success #3 give yourself three compliments a day)

E-Energy (Comes from being positive in your life, eat 3 balance meals and stay hydrated)

F-Flexibility-(work to gain more flexibility)

G-Genetics-(even though you may have the gene that may make you fat, you can fight it)

H-Hot Tea-(drinking hot tea before eating will eat less)

I-Ice water-(increases the metabolism by 30%  and you will burn more calories because the body will work harder to warm itself after drinking the water)

J-Jumpng jacks-(Use your own body to create resistance and burn calories)

K-Karate-(take a karate class and burn tons of calories)

L-Lactid acid-(occurs when doing a heavy duty workout which creates muscle soreness, feel the burn)

M-Muscles-(Building muscle is important to weight loss because muscle burns calories)

N-Nutrition-(Keep it lean and clean but make sure your food is tasty)

O-Odor-(Sweating from working out will cause body odor, however, eating a banana will cut down on that odor)

P-Pregnancy fitness-(You can workout when pregnant and you should.  Just check with your doctor before hand)

Q-Quads-(lean against the wall, sit and work those quads.  They will help you to burn more calories)

R-Reps-(keep track of your reps.  When you feel the burn push yourself a little harder)

S-Sexercise-(sex can burn anywhere from 150-600 calories per session)

T-Turning off the TV-(Get out and move instead of sitting in front of the TV)

U-Unhealthy eating habits-(Don’t make your kids clean their plates and don’t use food as a reward)

V-Veggies-(Veggies should be a treat not a punishment)

W-Water weight-(retaining fluid can add up to 5 pounds, stay away from salt, drink more water and eat more fiber)

X-Xylitol-(sugar substitute, limit the use of sugar substitutes)

Y-The Y stretch-(Stretch your body in the shape of a Y)

Z-Zero Excuses-(when it comes to weight loss, get rid of the excuses and get busy)

All in all, it was a pretty good show.  Some of the points they made were really cool and I will try one here and there.


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