My Workout Calendar Starts Tomorrow

Published January 8, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So, the party turned out great and was lots of fun. My couple of glasses of wine turned into a bottle. My mom even had a sip of pucker here and there. She doesn’t really drink, but is such a trooper. She had a couple of sips, and we finished it off for her. LOL

Tomorrow I start my workout calendar. I am looking forward to it. My calendar is pretty easy. I am committing to 30 minutes every morning except for Sunday. My plan is to get up and get my workout in within 15 minutes of being up. I read somewhere that working out first thing in the morning is the best because 30 minutes of cardio can burn calories for several hours after the workout is done. I have to remember that as hard as it is to get started, I always feel amazing when I’m done.  I know that when I was doing my workouts regularly, I was also able to handle stress a lot easier.



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