Working out & Instant Gratification

Published January 8, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Considering tomorrow is the day I start my workout calendar, I thought I would rearrange my house and bring down my tread mill.  I am excited to use it now that it is in a new spot.  I wont feel so isolated.  I can use it while listening to my mp3 player or watching television.  Now that I have all that taken care of,  I am going to try to come up with as many reasons as possible to workout.  Reasons that will give me the instant gratification that I am looking for.

First of all, I know that even though it is hard to get started, when I am finished I feel amazing.  I am able to focus more clearly and handle stress with grace.  I will have more energy to get things done.  Working out will also increase my mood, which means I will be even happier than I am now.  LOL…  Some people find that annoying though.  Ehh, then let the annoying begin.

I guess those are all pretty good reasons to get myself going.  I have a lot of different things I can do to get my workout in, so I don’t get bored.  I like to use some of the workouts on Fit Tv.  They have hundreds of different workouts and they change them up quite often.  I am also planning on using my tread mill and the Kinect for some added fun.

So now that I have this all sorted out, I am going to rock my new commitment!!


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