PMS? I Don’t Like You!

Published January 9, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Ok so, physically I am feeling pretty amazing.  I am actually walking faster and with a lot more bounce.   Mentally, well, that is another matter entirely.  I am definitely having some PMS  issues.  My mother thinks that is an excuse to be bitchy, but I am telling you, it’s not.  I am normally pretty upbeat and happy.  When I get pissed for something as silly as dropping my pen, I know there is a problem.

So, as always, I took to my friend, the internet, to see if there is anything I can do to ease it up a little.  I don’t want to let my stupid period sabotage my efforts to be healthy and fit.  I came across an article on eHow which I love a lot, that states that I should try relaxation techniques such as a massage or meditation.  Since I am at work, neither of those will work.  However, I often do deep breathing exercises to calm stress.  So, deep breathing it shall be.  It also says to exercise more, drink less caffeine, and more water.  Got it.  I will do a little extra workout on my lunch.

Damn period, however when you think of the alternative, I guess a little grumpiness is ok.  Hahaha!


6 comments on “PMS? I Don’t Like You!

  • Some of it can be diet related. How does this month’s irritations compare to the months prior to our little fall off the wagon? How does it compare to what was your average before your journey to health began? When I look at some of the nutritional suggestions, most begin by saying it can take time after you start these nutritional suggestions (up to 3 months) to reach full effect….so i’m thinking that the big lifestyle changes we’ve all been making could also take a little time to get your body’s hormones all regulated and adjusted. It took us years to get to the state we started in, hence it is going to take us a little time to get everything ironed out again. One of the biggest things I see is to keep a stable blood sugar level with more frequent meals that are low in fast burn carbs, no skipping meals or snacks, timing snacks around workouts or even breaking the workout up into multiple sessions rather than one big one, avoid alcohol. Essentially they want to avoid anything that gets you too high or too low. I am also seeing that you should watch to get enough vitamin E, vitamin A, B vitamins and calcium. Of course, most say to keep your carbs whole grain and complex instead of refined sugars (that we know is good all the time). Some believe magnesium helps regulate mood (peanut butter, brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts, spinach or wild caught salmon). Hope you kick this!

  • PMS sucks, no way around it!!!! Well except for getting knocked up or a hysterectomy…neither of which are in my future, so I (WE) all deal with it every month. yuck!!! I want to get back into yoga, I love and I think it really does help. Feel better! 🙂

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