Healthy is a Weigh of Life

Published January 11, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, today is day three of my workout calendar, and I must say this morning was so easy, and it seemed to fly by.  I read a blog yesterday about whatever motivates you having the staying power to keep you motivated.  It made so much sense.  That is probably why being motivated to lose weight doesn’t work.  I need to reevaluate why I am doing this, and that is for health reasons.  The other day I saw myself on The Doctors.  A 43-year-old woman who weighed 265 pounds, who was prediabetic.  I remember that time in my life.  I had symptoms of diabetes and that scared me, so I did something about it.  Now that I have lost some of the weight I struggle more than I did at the beginning to keep it up.  Why?  I mean the reason I started this whole journey is still there.  If I go back to eating like I was before, I will surely not only put on the weight I lost but I could also become a full-blown diabetic.

I have to remember that eating all those processed foods and refined sugars were the reason I felt so sick in the first place.  I initially wanted to lose weight because I was quitting smoking and feared a large weight gain.  However,  I also did not want to have to be on medication or have to go to the doctors all of the time.

A small reminder as to why I need to live a healthy lifestyle. #1 would be to reduce my risk of diabetes.  It runs in my family and if I am not careful I am sure diabetes will be a part of my life.  Then we have all the others:  Heart disease, stroke, and  hypertension, to name a few.


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