Plans for My Day

Published January 14, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I have such beautiful plans for myself today.  I am getting the house all cleaned up and some healthy meals prepared.  After Rog goes to work I’ll probably just hang out for a little bit.  I noticed that they have added some new movies to the LifeTime site, and I missed a few of my shows during the week so I will tune into ABC to watch The Middle and Saburgatory.  I am having myself a nice relaxing day, free of worry.  There is nothing that can be done or changed on the weekend so I am going to enjoy today and tomorrow with peace of mind.  Knowing that better thing are coming my way.

I made myself a bag of parm popcorn on the stove and bagged it for later.  I like to make it the old fashion way.  On top of the stove in a tbls of EVOO, and retire to my room for some me time.  Since I always have a house full.  This girl is planning on a little get a way to my room for some healthy snacks and internet telly.  While I am up there I will probably get my clothes ready for my work week and straighten my room.


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