Doing it Exercise Style

Published January 16, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, it’s Monday and all is well in the frigid north-east.  I am reading -12 degrees right now.  Brrrrr..  I also wanted to mention that today is my dad’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday dad, I love you! I have put a picture of you in my purse this morning because I know that you will give me the strength to get through anything that comes my way.  After all you were the strongest man I have ever known.

So, I got up this morning all pissed off.  Didn’t want to do a damn thing, but I got on the tread mill, and did my workout.  Amazingly enough, I feel awesome.  I feel positive and happy.  I cannot even believe how quick my mood changed.  Shoot, this exercise stuff could actually replace depression medicine.  LOL…..  I’m just about ready for work.  I just have to prepare my strawberry/banana Chobani for my snack and I am off.


2 comments on “Doing it Exercise Style

  • I hope your day does get better. Keep smiling with your positive attitude. I agree about exercising. It sure does lift your spirits. What it does is gets us off our butts into another mind set instead of dwelling on what ever the issue we have at that time in our lives.

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