Waging War on Sodium

Published January 24, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Good morning, and happy Tuesday.  I got my workout in and my meals and snacks prepared for the day.  Today is a fun day of ripping statements and stuffing envelopes.  I am feeling 100% better already, and it’s only been one day.  Once again, I am on the mend.  Can someone please remind me how bad I feel after eating those evil foods of the world lol…  It’s funny how I don’t remember how these foods effect me until after I have eaten them.  I mean, it’s not like they haven’t had the same affect on me over and over again.  I must be a slow learner hahaha…..

I have to find a way to hate processed foods.

I am popping back and forth to a site that has some food additives and what they do to the body.  First and for most, Sodium!  I knew it caused me to retain fluid, and maybe have high blood pressure which really I didn’t think much about.  However, I didn’t know that it would lead to stroke and heart disease.  My sister suffered a stroke last year.  She didn’t even know it for months.  She is damn lucky to be alive.  So today, whenever I get a moment I am going to find everything I can about the dangers of sodium.  Since all processed foods are loaded with it.  Hating sodium would be a great way for me to eliminate a lot of junk from my life.

Ohh and just in case you want to check out the article I am reading, you can go here Food Additive List


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