Onward & Upward

Published January 26, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Hey it’s Thursday!  What’s not to like about Thursday.  I finished my workout while watching one of my most favorite shows.  The Challenge.  A bunch of crazies, partying and doing challenges.  Today should be a pretty decent day.  It is the eve of the weekend, gotta love that.  This weekend we are pretty much staying in.  We have our little baby girl this weekend.  I have to make sure I have enough planned to keep me productive.  Since last weekend I lost like two full days.  Hahaha.  I think I slept for most of Saturday and then Sunday I was a miserable wretch.  This weekend shall be better because I am going to be awake and productive 🙂

So anyway, Rog is working tonight until ten, so I don’t exactly have a plan for the evening.  I am fully expecting to get out of work late.  Then I’ll just come home, make myself a healthy meal, watch the Big Bang Theory, and go to bed.  Sounds pretty uneventful but that is exactly what I am into right now.  LOL



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