Gearing up for a Healthy & Productive Weekend

Published January 27, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Hey hey hey it’s Friday!!  It’s freezing rain like crazy out there this morning.  I have to wonder if there is going to be any school.  I am kind of hoping, NOT!  That way I don’t have to wake anyone up.  I can enjoy my peaceful morning, and then a peaceful day at work since I will be the only one in the office.  As Curt would say, “I am kind shit of turd island.”  It’s better to be king shit of turd island, rather than just another turd in the bowl.  LOL…..

Anyway, I am hoping the weather get’s better.  We have to go to Potsdam to pick up Jojo.  This should be a good weekend.  I am going to stay home and get some things done.  I may even get some rooms rearranged.  That’s the best way to really get a good cleaning in.

Now,  on the health and fitness side of my life.  All is well.  I haven’t missed a day on the tread mill and I am still clean of processed foods.  I have learned so much about eating those kinds of foods this week.  I have learned that all processed foods are packed with a killer ingredient called sodium.  Ya know, the scary thing is, there are documented tests done on what too much sodium can do to a person.  However, most of the chemicals found in these foods are so new that there is no way to know what damage these additives are doing.  Just like when cigarettes first came out and everyone was smoking.  Smoking was considered socially except-able, and mostly done by the rich.  They didn’t know they were slowly killing themselves.  In twenty years everyone is going to find out that the food industry is just another Philip Morris.  Responsible for the slow agonizing death of many people.  Bastards!


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