Just Another Monday

Published January 30, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Good morning and happy Monday!!  I am predicting today to be a great day.  I’m going to go to work.  I’ll just listen to music, relax, and do my work.  I have plenty to do today to keep me busy.  AND Considering this coming weekend is the super bowl, we’ll probably be pushing out a lot of cases.  I remember last year we were able to view the super bowl commercials before they aired.

Anyway, I love a busy week.  Keeps my brain active.

So as far as  my weekend, it was pretty fabulous.  I am glad it’s over though…..  I can’t do more than two days off in a row.  I have to work to keep my life balanced.  To much home=To much Michele.  LOL

I’m prepared for the day.  The apartment looks amazing.  It’s all clean, and rearranged.  Which means coming home tonight is going to be even that much better.  My lunch and my Cobani is made, and I did some dancing this morning instead of the tread mill.  That damn tread mill has no personality.  I want to groove.  🙂


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