Life as I know It

Published February 2, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well here we are.  Almost through another week of work.  I’ll be glad to see tomorrow at 2 since I am having a half day.  The only thing that could make tomorrow better is if I got my income taxes.  I really want to spend some money.  I have a nice list of things to take care of and another list of things I really want.  Hahaha….  There is a nice Toshiba laptop at Office Max with my name on it.

Work should be pretty relaxing.  I will be the only secretary in the building today.  🙂  Yes this makes me smile.  Seems the evilness thrust-ed upon me by another at my job has actually worked against them, and pushed me further ahead.  She has completely washed her hands of most of what is supposed to get done.  Which means it is all up to me.  Now I get to show them all just exactly how smart I am.  I am not trying to steal anyone’s job.  I just want to keep mine 🙂  AND I am the type of person that wants to laugh and smile at work.  Maybe do a little chair dancing if the mood strikes me.




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