Ready To Start My Week

Published February 6, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So, anyway I got some stuff done today. Prepared for my week a little bit. I must admit I am not feeling that well. I think I got that cold that’s going around the office. This weekend coming up Should be great. We’re going to Saranac Lake for the winter carnival. Roger is playing at captain cook’s bar and grill on Friday night from 9 to 1. Should be a good time. Sherry and Tad are coming with us. I sure hope I’m feeling better by then this darn cold has taken a hold of me. I ended up having to spend $13 on the bottle of Mucinex. Seems everybody’s getting it.

I’m doing this blog entry from my new iPod using some kind of program that types as I speak it’s pretty cool. It’s certainly a lot easier than typing on the little tiny buttons they give you.

This castle was from a few years ago

Well, enough about that. As for tomorrow, I’m planning on getting up 5 AM and doing my 30 min. on my treadmill. I already have my snack and my lunch made as well as my yogurt so I’m pretty well set for tomorrow.

I hope everybody has a successful week. I am going to stay positive and healthy.


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