Week One: Diet Rehab

Published February 14, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Tonight I am taking a break from my book.  Rog is off, and we are spending the evening together.  As you can tell, I still find the time to blog.  I haven’t been able to spend much time in the kitchen since cutting my hand doing dishes.  I got five stitches.  So, I haven’t done a dish in four days.  Believe it or not they ARE getting done.  I would have never thought it. Hahaa

Anyway, I am going to let what I have read soak in for a day or so.  I ‘ll read more tomorrow evening.  Today, I just paid close attention to everything I was thinking to make sure my thought process was positive and uplifting to boost my serotonin.  In the first week I don’t have to cut anything out.   I just have to add in one booster food a day and one booster activity.  Today I had plenty of booster foods and my booster activity was listing to music and dancing around the house this morning, and delving deep into this book and learning something new.  I am not very far into the book so at this point I am winging it so I can start right away. And I feel AMAZING!!  Much more relaxed.

My first observation is that the anxious feeling of fighting food cravings is gone.  It’s gone already.  Why?  Well, I am thinking it’s because I wasn’t told I couldn’t have it.


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