Moving Forward in My Search for Freedom

Published February 15, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This morning I am doing things a little differently.  Instead of watching my shows from the previous day like Dr. Phil, Steve Wilkos and Judge Judy, I put on the music channel to Solid Gold Oldies.  I can already tell the difference.  The shows I watch are downers lol…  I am still going to watch them because Survivor starts tonight and I wouldn’t miss that for anything.  I LOVE me some Survivor. 😉  I am just going to make sure I add in some booster activities as well.  In reading this book I have learned that a lot of my behaviors are contributing to my low serotonin levels, which I was trying to get through sugary/carbohydrate foods.  I am learning there are other ways to get the same feelings from changing what I do and how I react to things (This one I will have to work on) as well as what I eat .

I am learning to pay close attention to my thoughts and change them immediately to better more positive ones.  It was also brought to my attention that my pitfall mantra was “fat ass”.  I kept catching myself saying that in my head, and sometimes out loud, every time I did something I didn’t like, and believe me I am very critical of myself.  Anyway, that little statement was causing me anxiety which was pushing me to the crack food.  So, now that thought is replaced with a more positive one.  So far so good.

Feeling hopeful that this could actually help me to break free of this food addiction.  It would be nice to exist without food playing such a big roll in my daily life. It can happen!  It will happen!

Off to work my friends.  May you all find one nice thing to say to yourself today.  🙂



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