Some Teenie Tiny Tips from Diet Rehab

Published February 19, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So I am almost through my first full weekend since I stopped dieting.  I ended up getting the girl scout cookies I ordered several weeks ago.  They were good I ate some but not the whole box.  I also ate some grapes in between.  My brain didn’t nag me to keep eating them, and I didn’t eat until I felt over full.  Success!!  I think that before I would have denied myself the cookies until I ate the whole damn box plus other stuff.  I feel like my mind and body are at peace.  I gave myself permission to eat the cookies   🙂 and it felt good.  This morning I got up and threw the rest in the trash.  Even though it is okay to have my favorite treats once in a while, it’s not okay to keep a supply of them in the house.

I am glad I read the 17 day diet before getting into this book, because knowing how to prepare and eat healthy well-balanced meals is a very important component to the Diet Rehab.  I haven’t gotten to the portion of the book that gives the list of booster foods but my knowledge of nutrition tells me that they are going to be fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish.  This I know.  All of which I leaned to love through the 17 day diet.  Oh and something very important I just learned from Dr. Mike Dow is that it takes up to ten exposures to a new taste before you will begin to love it.  So you can learn to love anything.  Before the 17 day I probably didn’t have a serving off vegetables in a six month period.  Now I have them everyday.

Also never skip meals.  It will set you up for a binge later in the day.  This is a big one for me.  On the weekends I am not a structured as I am during the week.  Yesterday I got up at seven o’clock but never ate until like 11:30.  I was starving most of the day.  I think I may have eaten even less cookies if I had followed my regular routine for my meals and snacks.  This morning I got up and made sure I had a bowl of whole oats and blueberries an hour after waking up so I don’t get so hungry that I can’t be satisfied this evening.

Well I am off to get my day organized so I can prepare for the week.




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