Monday’s Don’t Have to Suck!

Published February 20, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Hey it’s Monday!  I had a great weekend which always makes Monday a bit more bearable.  This morning I am enjoying my coffee while watching Celebrity Apprentice.  One of my favorite shows.  I love the business aspect of it.  Anyway, I am feeling amazing.  It has been one week since I stopped dieting.  One week since I put an end to denying myself things.  I have always wanted whatever it was I wasn’t suppose to have.  😉  Now I can have everything and I don’t want it lol….  How weird is that?  Because I didn’t binge over the weekend, I am not all bloated this morning.  My face looks good.  The luggage under my eyes I usually get from overeating are not present.  🙂

As I blow dried my hair, I went through my mantra and added all the reasons why it is true.  “I am a beautiful, healthy woman who makes positive choices to support her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Why?  Because I get up every morning and do my hair and make up.  I take pride in how I look.  I go to work and make sure to give 100% because I also take pride in my work.  I take the time to dance and sing every morning before work, setting myself up for a happy day.  I also have become aware of my thoughts and make sure what I am telling myself is the most constructive.  I eat my fruits and veggies and I keep my meats lean.  All foods for the body and the brain.  I take time to breath deeply to promote relaxation and contentment.




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