Life is Good

Published February 22, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, we are almost half way through the work week.  So far so good.  I mean I have had some stressful stuff happen but I handled them like a champ.  My computer is down at work.  :/ I’m unsure how this is going to affect my work today.  I guess today will be yet another adventure in the life of a secretary. 

Now, on a serious note.  I have committed myself to a line dancing class tonight with my sister.  I am doing this because, in the Diet Rehab book, Dr. Mike suggest we add in activities that will naturally release serotonin and dopamine into my brain to keep from turning to food for the same sensation.  Seriously, I am not the kind of person that joins dance classes.  I am pretty much a home body.

Frozen Banana

I love being home.  It is the best place in the world to me.  It’s a good thing I work or I would probably never leave the house.  However, I do love to dance.  So I figured it would be a good way to get a little boost while getting out with other people.  Another really cool thing about it is from 6:30-8 so I will have to eat and go.  I have a terrible evening snacking issue.  And even though I snack on healthy, nutritious foods, it is still not great to eat just before bed.

Oh and I found another yummy snack.  Frozen banana’s.  If you have some banana’s that are turning brown, throw them in a zip lock, and toss in the freezer.  It is so damn good.




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