Approaching Family Time

Published February 24, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

YaY!  It’s Friday and I am off work at 2pm today.  It is going to be a nice relaxing weekend.  We don’t have much planned, but our granddaughter is coming so she will most definitely keep us moving. 🙂  I’ll be fun.  I love spending time with my family.  That’s what weekends are for.

So, something I have noticed from my indulgence in pizza Wednesday night was that the next day I was hungry and thought of food pretty much all day.  Thankfully, I prepared three snacks and a lunch to take to work.  It helped me get through the day.  Oh yea, and I almost forgot, there was a jello pudding snack in the fridge at work for almost a week.  I was saving it for the urge for chocolate, and yesterday about five o’clock was that time.

Haha No Lie, this is exactly what it looks like

Unfortunately, my office has a drawer and a basket filled with mini chocolate bars. I have to make sure I am very prepared so I don’t get into the bad file cabinet drawer.  Today should be so much better.  It is completely amazing to me how once I ingest sugary carbs they take such a hold on my thought process.  If I eat candy at work I start to get very drowsy.  Sugar may give me a boost for about twenty minutes, but then I am so tired and my eye lids feel heavy.  I hate that feeling.  Sugar sucks.

Well, I am off to do my hair and make up.  Have a fabulous weekend.



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