Weathering the Storm

Published February 26, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Geesh, I had a great weekend so far.  Yesterday Rog was off so we decided to weather the storm and go to a jamboree.  We went listened to some great old country and donated some money for a good cause.  It was a lot of fun.  Then we came home had dinner and went to bed.  I really need to find me a side kick that likes to dance.  I really wanted to dance, dammit.  Well, I did dance, as I always do, only it was in  my little corner against the wall.

The video is just seventeen seconds of winter hell outside my front door.  LOL…

Today the sun is shinning and all is pretty with my world.  However, today I have to get productive.  I need to get my list made and get everything ready for the week ahead.  I may even need to get to Walmart.  I need to get some pants for work.  I am going to buy like 4 pairs of black comfortable pants for work.  That way I only have to worry about which top I will be wearing.  I figure it this way, since I am sitting behind a desk 90% of the time, it shouldn’t matter what is covering my ass.  Haha

So, now that I have created a youtube account I am seriously considering making a video blog.  I have always wanted to have like a Morning coffee with Michele.  LOL….  I think it would be really fun.  I think my only issue would be the negative comments.  I tend to be a people pleaser (working on that) so if someone said something rude or insulting I would probably cry (Oh didn’t I mention I was a cryer)  🙂  Seriously though, people are so mean.  Anyway, I guess we’ll have to see how that goes.


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