If I can see her, I can be her

Published March 7, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Ok, so originally I was not going to post anything about my meditations.  I don’t know I guess they seem really personal, and I don’t feel like I want to put myself out there for judgement.  Even though Joel has said “that with greatness comes judgment”  I believe this.  If I want to live a quiet life without judgement I would literally have to cut myself off from the outside world.  Haha You have just witnessed another one of Michele’s light bulb moments.  I often have them during a blog.  🙂  I love to blog.

Anyway, in my morning meditation I saw myself thin.  I have never been able to do that before.  I have tried and tried but it would never happen.  Well, this morning during my meditation I saw myself at 135 pounds.  It was amazing.  I was proud of myself.  I paid close attention to my legs.  They were thin and pretty and crossed.  I love to cross my legs.  Now, It’s like that image and feeling is burned into me. It’s hanging over my head like a light bulb.  I feel like if I can see her, I can be her.



2 comments on “If I can see her, I can be her

  • Yes you can be anything and everything you imagine yourself to be!
    And worry about judgement?? It’s meaningless – we’re people & that’s what we do – we judge everything all day long. Since you can’t be in charge of anyone’s thoughts other than your own, just paying attention to your own thoughts & judgements is a better use of time – and that is what will connect you to the things you want in life. Try this today, every time you have a judgement (good or not so good) about someone / something, replace it with thoughts or visions of the 135lb girl & see what happens!

    Wayne Dyer has a saying that is sooo true and you may find useful. Meditate on this and see what happens: “What you think of me is none of my business.”

    And just fyi, I thought your post was very sweet . . .

    • Thanks Laurie, I truly believe everything you just said. I am new to this and I feel amazing. I know that judgement is one of my biggest blockers. I myself try not to judge for that reason. But ya know what, I am not going to worry about being judged any longer. I am going to be ME. Something I don’t think I have ever been before. 🙂

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