A Wink from the Cosmos

Published March 8, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

When it comes from love, then it’s right.  That is my thought for the day.  I now understand what it means when someone tells you not to make decisions when angry.  It makes perfect sense.  If a person is angry there is no room to make positive decisions.  Decisions made in anger will only bring about more negativity in the long run.  When anger and fear is clouding our minds, we are unable to see or hear uplifting opportunities that may be presented to us.  Since I have made the conscious decision to keep love first place in my life.  I have found that love is what I am getting in return.  Synchronicity is what this is called.  A wink from the cosmos some might say.

She just loves all the attention

Sometimes when I am feeling down or a little less connected to the feelings of love that I am looking for I just look at my Boo Boo Kitty.  She is the queen of our house.  She came to us about four months ago.  We are unsure if she was abandoned or if she abandoned her family, but she showed up one day around thanksgiving and she has been here ever since.  Many people may only see a cat, but when I look at her I see a gift from God.  We love her so much and feel blessed to have her.  It’s funny how a pet can make a person feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but I believe they are the best therapy a person could get.  My kids tell there friends “my mom says if you want to feel love, pet the kitty”  LOL  They think I am a little off sometimes but this kitty get’s more love than most people.  You just cannot walk by her without loving her up.


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