A Blessed Weekend

Published March 9, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

As I was talking to my sister last night I realized that we have such differences in our thoughts of “religion”.  I spent six years in Catholic school, going to church three times a week.  The Catholic religion is my roots, but as an adult there are aspects of the belief system that I just cannot buy.  The hard thing for me to understand is that one minute I hear God’s love is abundant then the next I read about a lesbian woman being denied communion at a church.  My God would not have denied her.

I don’t go to church anymore.  However, I do try to live my life with kindness toward others.  I have great empathy for people, and I believe that as long as every day you live your life with the utmost kindness and caring for other people you are living a Godly life.  My mother always told me, it doesn’t matter where you have a relationship with God just so long as you do.  Oh and in case I haven’t said so before, my mother is the smartest woman I know.  😉

Anyway, it’s Friday, people.  For many of us this means having a couple of days to spend with the ones we love.  It’s gonna rock.  I’m going to spend the weekend just being silly.  My granddaughter is coming so it should be fun.

~Have a blessed day

Haha that's about right


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