Living Life On Purpose

Published April 16, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

The last couple of weeks I haven’t had a lot to write about.  I have been living my life on purpose.  I have been letting one event flow to the next without any help from me and it has been working fabulously.  Instead of forcing things into my life I have decided to let it come if it was supposed to come.  I guess you could say I had an “Aha” moment several weeks ago.  It began to make sense that maybe the reason I am not fulfilling my purpose or living my dream is because my idea of what I am supposed to be doing and God’s idea of what I am supposed to be doing are probably pretty different, and since God knows best I am going to let him lead me in the direction I am supposed to be in.

I have always wanted to be able to have a position in life where I am able to be nice to people.  In some way, I would love to be able to make people feel good about their lives.  I would like to be able to lift someone’s depression and help them find hope.  I am not sure how, or when.  I am just sure that some how, some way I am suppose to reach out to those who are feeling unworthy and let them know that they are worthy.  We are all worthy.  I explained to my son that whatever dream he has for himself is worthy of coming to fruition.  It is not his business to know how or when.  It is only his business to keep that dream alive and pay attention to opportunities presented to him that could push him even that much closer to seeing his dreams come true.

We all have a purpose.  It is our job to figure out what that is and do it.  I do not know “what or when” but I am now paying attention to what my life is showing me right now, as I am sure there are messages out there I have been missing.  I am ready and open to receive them now.

Tune into Oprah’s Life Class tonight at 8pm on OWN.  It is amazing and inspiring and worth the watch 🙂



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