It’s Time to Push Past the Fear

Published April 17, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I just finished my morning meditation.  I have noticed since I began practicing meditation about six weeks ago that I am now able to find that stillness anytime during the day.  It has helped me in my work and in my home life.  Since making the conscious decision to live in the moment my mind is quieter and life has been so much easier.  I am paying attention to my life so I can figure out what my purpose is.

I have learned to pay attention the thoughts that come at the end of a moment of stillness.  Yesterday, as I was driving, out of the clear blue sky something inside of me said that I should go to the nursing home and spend some time with people who have been left behind.  Ya see, I worked in the nursing home in my younger years and I loved it.  I became these people’s family, and my biggest regret was leaving them behind when I went on to live my life.  I want to be a part of that again.  I felt like I made a difference.  When I worked there I would see families drop their mother, or father off and tell them they would be back.  Most of the time they did not come back.  It was heart breaking, but I was there to fill the void as best I could.  My mother is very lucky in that she would never have to feel abandoned and unloved.

Anyway, this Saturday is the day.  I am going to make up a bag of different things and I am going to go into the nursing home just up the street from my house and spend sometime there.  I have wanted to do this before but didn’t because I allowed my fear of not being wanted stop me.  Not this time.  It is time to push past the fear and face the possibility of rejection so that I can possibly be there to help someone feel good about their life.  Even if they are living in a nursing home.


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