Ready for a Positive Day?

Published April 19, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So happy we have finally made it to Thursday.  It has been a trying week.  Upgrades at work are about to take place, and there are people who are so resistant to change it has been quite the experience.  If I were a betting woman I would say this upgrade will be put on hold yet again.  I personally like change.  If I don’t have some change now and again I get bored.   Anyway, I am sure today will be eventful as well since I am the go between for two of our employees that cannot speak to one another because they just don’t like each other :/  I feel like I am running a nursery school sometimes and  all I am is a secretary lol

Anyway, on a good note the sun is shinning.  It looks beautiful outside.  Last night after dinner Roger and I took a drive down by the locks and took some pictures.  He of course was all about the pictures of the deer.  I, however, was in awe at the beauty of the sky.  It was so colorful with swirls of clouds that looked like wisps of cotton candy.  Just getting out for an hour after dinner seemed to wash away the days head aches.  Now, I am ready for a positive day.


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