Living My Life On Purpose

Published April 23, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, it’s Monday morning and I am seeing mounds of snow on the ground.  It’s mid April and our schools are on a two-hour delay.  Amazing!  I guess mother nature knows best.  As I get ready for work I wonder what drama will be brought into the office today.  It’s always something.  Oh well, I cannot let this little bump in the road steal my joy.  I have to go work and enjoy my day.  Listen to music, sing and have a nice cup of Chai Tea.  I always say a hot cup of tea is like a warm huge from the universe.  🙂  I am well aware that worry will get me nothing.  It is the most wasted emotion.  However, it is only natural to worry a little bit.  Worry, for a moment until you realize that God has got this.  There is nothing for me to do but to find joy in each and every day.

As I sit here blogging, having my coffee and gazing out the window from time to time.  I see the birds playing and a  lot of messy snow.  I love all types of weather.  Blizzardy days make me feel cozy and loved.  Hot summer days make me feel alive like a free spirit, raining days, well, I think rainy days make me feel cleansed.  Like all of the stuff from all my yesterdays seem to be cleared away.  I am so grateful.  For so many things.  Simply having the ability to get up out of my bed and walk across the floor.  I am feeling very thankful for all that I have in my life.  I can only imagine what lay ahead.  Only great, amazing things, I am sure.

Oh, and before I forget.  Oprah’s Life Class is on the OWN network channel 58 for those of us in upstate NY from 8-10pm live.  If you want to feel empowered and like your life could use a little purpose.  Check it out.  DVR, it.  I am serious.  Tonight they are going to teach us how to leave anxiety behind forever.  I don’t have much anxiety, myself, but I do know people who have it very badly that could benefit from watching.  After spending a couple of hours with Oprah I feel like I can accomplish anything.  Like I myself can live on purpose.

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