My Time is Coming

Published May 31, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

With my new position, I have had a tough time making it in to blog lately.  When life becomes stressful it is hard to hang on to the premise of living in the moment.  When I woke up this morning I was feeling overwhelmed.  I am working constantly, and bringing work home so I can work until bed.  I know that everything will calm down at the end of summer, but I cannot help but ask myself if I will make it.  I have approximately ninety days before I will see any relief.  It’s scary and I know that by thinking ahead I am creating unnecessary anxiety.

Sometimes all I need is to blog out my feelings.  It seems to help put things in perspective for me.  I knew that with a promotion  there would be stress.  Stretching and growing into something new is always going to be a little trying.  I understand that.  I also know that I need to tackle this minute and only this minute.  The only minute that matters in the one I am in right now.  As long as I remain flexible and in the moment my anxiety will lessen.

Today I am going to go to work and relax.  I am going to slow down and do what I have to do.  I am not going to worry, because worrying is one the biggest waste of emotions.  It contributes nothing and solves nothing.  Life is good!  I need to remember that.  AND tomorrow is Friday.  My time is coming.  🙂

I also want to take a moment to thank God for guiding my steps, and the steps of people that want to be good to me.  Thank you for opening doors where there were once only walls.  Thank you for the understanding that my world evolves perfectly for me, without help from me, and thank you for helping me to see that as long as I am flexible things will work out exactly as they should.


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