Operation Happy

Published July 31, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So, operation get happy is underway.  I am actually on day two and feel so much better already.  I swear there has to be some kind of chemical in balance that happens when I eat foods that are unhealthy.  Specifically foods high in sugar, sodium and perservatives.  I don’t exactly understand it but when I eat these types of foods I am followed by negative self talk and zero energy.  It is apparent after only one day that I am on the mend.  I was able to get up this morning without feeling like poo and was able to clean the kitchen and prepare meals for the day that would keep me on track. 

Here is the problem.  If I am to equate eating healthy with losing weight or just “being” healthy I know that it will be short-lived.  So now I am trying to make myself understand that I am simply eating right for my mental health.  Which is so important to me because I hate it when I am a miserable biotch.  Seriously, I love to smile laugh and be silly, and lets face it after eating processed foods I am a mess.  Everyone around me has to deal with my bad attitude and literal disdain for life. 

Unfortunately I am still a work-in-progress and am as much of a mystery to myself as I am to others 🙂  One of these days I hope to actually “get me”  LOL 



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