Day 17: Went pretty well

Published August 8, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today which is day 17 of the count down of my first cycle of the 17 day diet.  I did decide to weigh myself and I came in at 257 pounds.  Ouch!!

Anyway, today I am going to eat every three hours and keep everything I take in as clean as possible.  Fresh fruits & veggies along with boneless skinless chicken breast and ground turkey.  I will also use small amounts of fat-free cheese, salad dressings and tomato sauce.  I can make so many things with just those staples.

My meals for the day

8:00am-pastaless goulash (made with ground turkey, onion, brocoli, and sauce topped with a pinch of fat-free mozzarella.  (I know, I know but I am not really into breakfast foods.  🙂

11:ooam- A 3 cup container of watermelon

2:00pm- Chicken, green beans and fresh tomatoes sautéed in Olive Oil and garlic

5:00pm-Turkey Burger & brussle sprouts

8:00pm-Baby Carrots, raw cauliflower w/ fat-free Italian dressing lightly drizzled over the top

Today was a pretty good day.  I ate every 3 hours.  I feel completely satisfied.  Now that I am home from work I’ll have to be especially careful to not eat out of boredom.



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