Day 15 Down 6 lbs

Published August 11, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

5:00am-Up bright and early this morning. I am noticing already that getting up in the morning is a lot easier. I weighed in this morning and I am down from 257 to 251 already, and it’s only been two full days into my 17 day plan. I know a lot of people would call that water weight, which I am certain it was, but either way it was weight I was carrying around.

Last year when I started eating this way and made it successfully through the first 17 days something miraculous happened. My cravings for junk food were gone. The kids could have pizza and I felt no connection to it. After that I went 90 full days eating cleanly and feeling like a new person. Then (wait for it) I went out and I drank alcohol. My husband is a musician and summer came. We had bbq’s, gigs and family parties to attend, therefore, I was drinking about one night a week and eating badly during that time. The cravings came back almost instantly, and I have been struggling ever since. I guess I have to ask myself if drinking alcohol is worth losing my self-control and contentedness I felt when I didn’t have it from my life?

I really don’t need it. I am silly and fun whether I am intoxicated or not. 🙂


7:00am-about a cup and a half of cantaloupe

8:30am-cauliflower wrap stuffed with chicken salad


2:00-Chicken with riced cauliflower and mushroom sautéed in olive oil & garlic

5:00pm-healthy made chicken strips and snap beans

6:00pm-Cantaloupe & banana

10:00pm-left over chicken from lunch (of course I had to have something with everyone else)

Tonight is a late night for me. Rog gets home at ten o’clock tonight so we’ll stay up until around midnight or so.  All in all it has been a successful day.  Weekends are a rough time for this girl, but I am making a commitment to make it through this weekend and through the entire 17 days.



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