14 days left until I am free of cravings

Published August 12, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Here I am, up early on a Saturday! That’s okay, though because I just love mornings Everyone is still sleeping therefore it is so peaceful. I am enjoying my coffee while setting up my blog for the day. Oh yes, and of course, watching my Big Brother After Dark. I love Big Brother.

Plan for the day: I am going to make a batch of chicken, a few cauliflower wraps and possibly a couple of meals. Preparation baby!! Rog has a gig this afternoon for the Norfolk annual picnic. Should be fun, but I will have to bring my own snacks and such since eating out there would be horrible.


8:30am-Healthy Chicken strips

11:30am-Chobani 0% w/ truvie & little banana and blueberries mixed in.

2:30pm-Cherries & a banana

5:30pm-Broccoli chicken casserole

8:30pm-Turkey burger wrap with fat free cheese

It’s 3pm and the weather isn’t looking all that good for an outside gig. However, I have gotten so much done today. I prepared three cauliflower wraps and four meals for later in the week. It’s been a successful day 🙂

The rain cleared up and the outside picnic went off well. It was hard being out there not being able to eat or drink. And it was free. All you can eat and all you can drink. If this was a test i am proud to say that I passed.

It was also nice to have my husband tell me how proud he is if me. I am so lucky to have such a supportive best friend in my life.


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