Gastric Bypass Surgery. Yes or No?

Published August 28, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So, I started another 17 days yesterday.  This one will run until September 12th.  Yesterday my mom called me to tell me that my niece is considering gastric bypass surgery.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the surgery is great for people who NEED it.  For a medical reason not for cosmetic reason.  I have known so many people who have gotten the surgery and didn’t change their eating habits, and they ended up gaining the weight back.  I have also know people who look like death afterwards.

Years ago I was going to do it.  I got very close, but decided to opt out when it came to me that I wasn’t doing it for myself.  I was trying to please others.  As for me I was ok with me.  I have never needed to be thin to feel good about myself.  The only time I have a problem with my weight is when I am in the company of people who verbalize their disdain for fat people.  I have come across quite a few of them.  It’s funny because I listen and think to myself.  HELLO??  Can’t you see me?  Anyway, I have learned that these kind of people are small-minded and have very little couth.

Well, I am off to get ready for work.  Tuesday’s are the BEST day.  Very low volume and home early too.  🙂



4 comments on “Gastric Bypass Surgery. Yes or No?

  • I have to agree with you – just say no. I had a friend who had this surgery then spent $20,000 to have all of the loose skin removed. Such a long, involved healing process. She looked great – for about six months. Started gaining it all back, ended up just about to where she was to begin with. The thing about this surgery I think a lot of people don’t get is that it is IMPERATIVE to be prepared to change eating habits and change them for the rest of their life. For some, I believe they don’t truly realize how major this life change is. It’s a big one, right up there with death and divorce. I admire the fact you’re okay with you. I think it’s awesome you feel that way – NEVER CHANGE! 😀

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