In the hands of God

Published September 12, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Submitted the paper work for a futile cause.  I’m trying to buy a house from my sister and her husband, but there is a big,  problem.  I once owned a house, of which I lost.  I once owned a business that swallowed up everything I ever had including my very high credit score.  I cannot see any bank giving me a loan for a house but I know that God only helps those who help themselves.  Therefore, I must at least try.

I know if this is the right opportunity for us, it will happen.  If it is not, the right one will present itself.  I am happy either way.

This morning I decided to spend my morning with a nice hot cup of coffee and Joel Osteen.  His service always seems to be about whatever it is I am facing in my life.  My husband and my sister and I got lucky enough to see him live in Charlotte, Nc.  The entire service from beginning to end was so amazing.  I cried from beginning to end.  He exudes love.

Joel & Victoria Osteen

I will never forget the first time I watched him.  I was in the midst of a deep depression when my mother called me and told me to turn it to channel 14 and watch it.  She said I will be calling you back in 30 minutes to discuss it.  I was not exactly thrilled when I turned it on.  I thought my mother had lost it, but I knew I had to watch it because she would be calling me.  At the end of the program I felt different.  I felt inspired and loved.  That was about six years ago.  Do yourself a favor.  DVR his service.  When you can’t find anything else to watch, watch it.  You will not be disappointed.




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