Does Evil Prevail?

Published September 17, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

When I watch my shows Big Brother and Survivor and even Bachelor Pad I have to ask myself why is it that people who are truly evil to the core always come out the winner? If people who are lyres and cheaters are not supposed to prevail, why do they in this situation. Why do they walk away with a half a million dollars? Even those who tell how Godly they are and then back stab and lie, win the money. There are times when I am watching my shows that I question being a good person. I mean, I know people in real life who seem to come out on top by stepping on others to push themselves forward and it works. Does this mean that if I continue to be a kind and caring person that I will have less than those who are not?

I can say this about myself, personally. I would rather have less and live my life without guilt. I literally know people that can back stab, lie, cheat, steal and walk away without giving it another thought.  And then there is me.  I may accidentally hurt a persons feelings and beat myself up over it.  Does this mean that if you don’t believe in Karma you wont experience it?  I have to believe that in the end, being good will matter.




2 comments on “Does Evil Prevail?

  • KARMA. I’m a firm believer. I understand what you’re saying. I’ve seen it too. I like to think that in the end what comes around goes around and while it may seem they are on top now? It won’t be that way for always. People can’t do evil or cruel acts and not reap what the sow at some point. That kind of thing ALWAYS backfires!

    • I am a firm believer in Karma myself. That’s why I try to be good to people. Sometimes I just watch and scratch my head at how some people can fall in a bucket of poo and come out smelling like a rose, and if it were me I would just come out smelling like Poo 😀

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