Published October 13, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I’m sitting here watching Roseanne and it takes me back.  Back to a time when I lived with my sister in Virginia Beach.  Those were the times.  I had not a care in the world.  I was in my early 20’s and I was all about the party.  I remember working for the weekend (literally) .

My sister and I would turn on the music and get a drink.  We’d listen to music while we were getting ready to go out.  We had so much fun.  We’d do our hair and make up while having a drink, laughing and preparing for the night.  I miss those days.  Nothing matter but going out and enjoying life.  Shoot, I remember Christmas time, when we had no money.  We made due, that’s for sure.

We went out partying being careless (thank God we survived).  We couldn’t afford a Christmas tree that year, so one night we decided we would go out and get us a tree.  It was a mission to say the least.  My sister and I were on one of many adventures when we discovered a whole line of Christmas tree’s on the side of the road.  We thought we hit the mother lode.

We pulled the car over and proceeded to dig one of these trees up.  I dug and dug, while my sister pretended, to find a hug ball on the bottom of the tree with a sack around it.  I thought it was odd but proceeded to use all of my strength to get it out of the ground and into the car.  We drove home with this huge tree with a big ball on the bottom between my legs, and we had to go through the toll booth.  I remember being so proud of this damn tree.  We got home and dragged into the house.  Changed into our jammies and went to bed.

When we got up in the morning, we discovered that our Christmas tree was not a tree at all but more like a bush.  LOL  We shrugged it off and thought hey a tree is a tree.  That afternoon a friend came over.  The minute he walked through the door he stopped and looked at our tree like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  We were like “you like our Christmas tree”  He looked dumb founded and said “that aint not tree that’s a state highway bush.  You could get in some serious trouble for having that in your house.”  We freaked, undecorated that tree and hid it in the dumpster.  LOL…  I dug my ass off and had mud up to my waist.  All for a state highway bush.  I don’t remember if we ever got a tree that Christmas but I do remember how much fun it was to make it a memorable one.


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