The Meaning of Dreams

Published October 17, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I had this really vivid dream that I was working and I lost the bill of lading for a large order of Labatt.  I felt pressured and cornered so I quit.  I went back to the nursing home of which I worked at when I was younger, and got the job.

My mother bought me a set of nursing scrubs.  The bottoms were attached to this big wood cranking machine. I was then led to some dressing rooms where I was to change into my uniform.  I went inside and shut the door.  Just then the maid was using her key to come in.  A larger Native American woman jumped up and stopped the lady from coming in.  She scolded the maid.  I remember her saying “What is wrong with you?”  She was really letting this lady have it for trying to come in on me.

I was listening from in the room while I was setting the machine up that my pants were attached to.  I, then stepped onto the platform into my pants.  I had to use a crank to pull them up.  I remember thinking “why do I have to do this, am I really that fat?”  I cranked the pants up and to my surprise, they were way to big.

I pulled the front flaps of my pants closed. Put on my shirt, and left the dressing room.  As I did the woman who stopped the maid from entering the room rushed up to me.  She was telling me how sorry she was that the maid did that.  She put her arm around me and I got the feeling that this woman really cared about me.  The next thing I know I am walking the halls of the nursing home.  It was dark and I could hear people talking about me.  Saying “I can’t believe she’s back, she wont make it”

I woke up thinking I loved working there but I hated the atmosphere.  I love my residences but the some of the staff was much to be desired.  It was like I was trying to talk myself out of going back there.  Now, mind you, I love my job.  I am not thinking about quitting at all.

This was such a detailed, vivid dream.  I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to blog it out (my therapy 🙂 )  If anyone has insight into dreams I would love to hear your opinions of its meaning.

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