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Try and Try Again

Published November 29, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

November 29, 2012 Thursday *already*

So it’s already Thursday morning. I am pumped. I feel amazing. I feel like because I try and try again that God is going to reward me with a win. A win for me is to love myself enough to treat myself with kindness. I treat my body like a dumping ground for crap a lot of the time. I have tried over and over again to turn my lifestyle around. I have smoked, I have eating more than I should and I have laid around like a slug long enough. It is time to take a stand. I love healthy food and the way I feel when I am eating right and doing a minimal amount of cardio.

I really believe there is a little girl inside of me that just doesn’t want to comply. She doesn’t want to be told what to do. I, as an adult, know that I have no right to treat my body the way I do. I know that it isn’t even that hard. I love to cook healthy meals and I am good at it, if I do say so myself. My healthy food is amazing. Ya know, the kind of food that makes you moan. Yeah, well that’s my healthy food. J

There are times when I am going strong, eating right, moving more and all of a sudden something rises up in me and I am off on a binge. A senseless binge which in of itself could kill me.

I just know that one of these times that I try I will succeed. I know I will because God helps those who help themselves and I am damn sure not giving up on myself. I deserve a quality life. I mean even if I were to walk out and get hit by a bus next week, I will have been happier to know that the previous week I was able to move around and do things. Smile and have energy. Rather than lying around feeling all bloated, near death anyway. I am so sick of people saying “just live your life and have fun. Don’t worry about that stuff. Healthy or not you could drop dead for any number of reason’s“. Um hello? Yes, I could drop dead at any moment. Maybe that should be the reason I want to improve my overall quality of life. I certainly cannot live life to the fullest if I cannot get off the couch. I deserve more. I will have more.

There, that was my therapy for the day. J It’s about time I change the way I am think, because obviously it hasn’t been working.

Thank You with All My Heart

Published November 28, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Sitting here watching Joel Osteen.  He makes me feel so full on the inside.  He lets me love myself.  I have never been so content in my life.  I am just so comfortable and I know that I would not be here if God did not line up the right people to push me forward in life.  I am immensely thankful for everything that I have, and for everything that I am.

Just recently I have started another dream board.  I figured, why not.  The last one  I made gave me my house.  This board is different, though.  This board is all about my health.  This one is about getting fit and healthy.  Living life with energy, being the best I can be, mentally and physically.  I am actually pretty excited.  I feel good about this.    I am ready to make a life change.  I am ready to clean up my act and live a healthy lifestyle.  I am no spring chicken anymore.  I have to everything in my power to lower my risk for so many obese related diseases.

Well, I am off to prepare for my day.  Preparation is key to success.  🙂

Have a blessed day.

Stuff My Brain Thinks

Published November 7, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I love to blog.  I do it as a type of therapy for myself.  I don’t do it to teach anyone anything or to tell anyone what to do.  This is literally just “stuff my brain thinks”.  Nothing more and nothing less. I do not consider myself “religious”.  I went to catholic school for six years as a child, which left me with fond memories.  However, as an adult I consider myself a spiritual person.  I live my life treating people with kindness and compassion.  I don’t delve into the bible.  I don’t try to live by each and every word.  I love God and thank him daily for the precious gifts he has blessed me with throughout my life.  I love all people and believe God does too.  I do not believe that any one person and greater than the other in the eyes of God.

A reader left a comment and found one of my posts to be “self focused” and not “God focused”.  All I can say that is BINGO.  This is a blog about Stuff MY Brain Thinks.  It is a journal, so to speak.  I do it because I love to do it.

Off to the Chiropractor!  Have a Blessed Day

Is Your’s Running a Muck?

Published November 6, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Ever since learning that we are what follows “I am” I have found such strength from it.  I have been able to catch those negative statements I was telling myself.  I have been able to not only catch them, but change them into a positive.  I do my positive “I am’s” several times a day and it seems to be helping.  I actually believe what I am telling myself.  I feel restored, blessed, and content in my life right now.            There is no greater gift that I could give to myself.  I am working on changing the story I tell about myself.

My new story is: I am getting healthier everyday, I am kind and caring, I am content and loved, I am blessed, I am disciplined, I am fit and energized, I am beautiful and smart.  I am the best person I know.  🙂  I am a great mother and wife.

I have learned that happiness is not the end all, but more of a journey.  Something we have to be mindful of on a daily basis.  If we allow our minds to run a muck without giving it direction or structure it will inevitable run that negative recording and bring us down.  I am on the road to recovery.  A road I will need to remain on forever.



Published November 1, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Since watching Sunday’s Life Class with Oprah and Joel Osteen I have actually caught myself using negative statements to describe myself.  Just that quiet recording that plays in your mind that will say “I am fat” or  “I am an idiot”.  I actually heard them yesterday.  This is fantastic.  Since you can’t change it if you are unaware of it.  Anyway, each and every time one of those sickening statements played in my head, I did ten positive “I am’s”

I am fabulous

I am worthy

I am beautiful

I am getting healthier every day

I am restored

I am prosperous

I am excited about my future

I am disciplined

I am content

I am fit

Mind you I could go on and on.  Yesterday I did this three times.  When I got home from work I felt amazing.  Today is end of month, in the midst of all the other business.  I will be paying close attention to what I am telling myself today.

Have a Bless Day


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