Published November 1, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Since watching Sunday’s Life Class with Oprah and Joel Osteen I have actually caught myself using negative statements to describe myself.  Just that quiet recording that plays in your mind that will say “I am fat” or  “I am an idiot”.  I actually heard them yesterday.  This is fantastic.  Since you can’t change it if you are unaware of it.  Anyway, each and every time one of those sickening statements played in my head, I did ten positive “I am’s”

I am fabulous

I am worthy

I am beautiful

I am getting healthier every day

I am restored

I am prosperous

I am excited about my future

I am disciplined

I am content

I am fit

Mind you I could go on and on.  Yesterday I did this three times.  When I got home from work I felt amazing.  Today is end of month, in the midst of all the other business.  I will be paying close attention to what I am telling myself today.

Have a Bless Day



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