Is Your’s Running a Muck?

Published November 6, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Ever since learning that we are what follows “I am” I have found such strength from it.  I have been able to catch those negative statements I was telling myself.  I have been able to not only catch them, but change them into a positive.  I do my positive “I am’s” several times a day and it seems to be helping.  I actually believe what I am telling myself.  I feel restored, blessed, and content in my life right now.            There is no greater gift that I could give to myself.  I am working on changing the story I tell about myself.

My new story is: I am getting healthier everyday, I am kind and caring, I am content and loved, I am blessed, I am disciplined, I am fit and energized, I am beautiful and smart.  I am the best person I know.  🙂  I am a great mother and wife.

I have learned that happiness is not the end all, but more of a journey.  Something we have to be mindful of on a daily basis.  If we allow our minds to run a muck without giving it direction or structure it will inevitable run that negative recording and bring us down.  I am on the road to recovery.  A road I will need to remain on forever.



2 comments on “Is Your’s Running a Muck?

  • Found your blog when trying to find an Osteen quote. I appreciate your sentiment here, but if you are a Christian then there are better statements that you can be declaring. These statements are self-focused instead of God-focused. A Christian’s goal should be God-dependence and not self-reliance. I have actually written a response to Osteen’s sermon here – but I would just encourage you to consider making God-focused statements, thanking him for the blessings in your life. Neat graphic btw…

    • I am actually not Christian, I am catholic. However I do not label myself as either. I am a spiritual person trying to better myself. I watch Joel quite often. The “I am’s” was from a life class that Joel and Oprah did a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing and it was put out to help people who have negative thoughts change them to positive. I get what you are saying but I am sure that God doesn’t have a problem with his children speaking good things over their life. I thank God daily for everything in my life.

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