Sacrificing TV and Facebook for EIGHT weeks?

Published January 3, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
Can it be done?!?

Can it be done?!?

My Challenge starting today January 3, 2012 for eight weeks ending February 28, 2013

Avoid the media.  

Well, it’s been quite some time since I have blogged.  I have to say I DO miss it.  Recently, I discovered a book that had my story pegged to the point that it could have been written by me.  This book is called “Weight-loss for people who feel to much”  I was stunned to find out that there are actually people out there that are like me.  I am one of those overly empathetic people that can take on the feelings of others and hold on to them for days, weeks, sometimes even months.

Little did I know that doing so was causing me harm.  I mean, not only am I an emotional eater (eating to sooth my own emotions) but I am also an empathetic eater (eating to sooth the emotions I am picking up from other people, the news or social media networks).

I am in the early stages of this eight week coarse.  It’s pretty neat though, that I have started a weight-loss program that instead of restricting my food intake, is restricting my use of the television and the internet.  Meaning I am taking an eight week hiatus from watching TV and using my facebook.  I will also not be watching or reading any type of news broadcasts or articles.

This can only mean one thing.  I will be blogging and journaling my tush off for the next couple of months.  This should be interesting because I am a self proclaimed TV addict, and if I must be honest, I am used to checking my facebook no less than 25 times a day.

Wish me luck.  🙂  I got this!! 😉


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