Media Free Weekend!

Published January 4, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
Empathy can be a powerful emotion.

Empathy can be a powerful emotion.


I have successfully been twenty-four hours without Facebook and television.  I will be honest I have mixed feelings about it at this point.  I feel pretty OK about the TV so far, but the whole Facebook thing has been really hard.  I find myself worrying that someone will need to get a hold of me.  I am not a fan of the phone so Facebook is how I communicate with most everyone in my life.  My last status explained my absence and offered an email if it were important.  I guess I have to hope that if someone messages me and I fail to answer they would check my profile to see what was up.  Hello?  I know that is what I would do.

I have been reading a lot, listening to music, and writing in my journal.  I actually thought I would be way bored but so far I haven’t been bored at all.  That being said, I am heading into the weekend.  Two long days that I will spend home while my husband is working.  I usually find myself excruciatingly bored over the weekend.  I am excited to see whether or not I find myself even more bored or will I find that I can actually survive without my two favorite things in the world.



2 comments on “Media Free Weekend!

  • Hi and congrats on your mission to go FB and TV free. I’ve done the FB thing before – I deactivated my account and also have been TV free for months (once 100% and the second time streaming a few movies here and there). I think that if you can get through the first week you can get on a roll with it. Its also fascinating to observe how our brains become so addicted to things and how often we’d be logging on if we could. I reckon you are going to free up so much time for writing your blog and other things! Good luck.

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