Peace is Power

Published April 19, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks


Wow, it has been such a long time since I have blogged.  I have been spending the past three months on a personal journey to expand my spirituality.  I have found such peace and contentedness in my life.  There is something to be said for surrendering yourself to allow life to flow without interference.  It brings about a sense of great peace.  Peace is power.  There is also quite a lot less of me as well.  At Christmas time I had not only gained all the weight back that I had lost but tacked on a little more for good measure.  My life was spiraling out of control at that time.  When I ate it was like a frenzied feeling and right after I felt devastated, like a failure.  It was awful.  

Then, on the morning of January 2nd I believe that I had an awakening of some sort.  I remember waking up that morning, going to the computer and searching for books that would help to to gain some perspective to why it is I do what I do.  I began the search for my true self.  I turned to God and my faith to gain control of my life.  I started reading many books that were designed to help me in this journey of self exploration.  I have never been a reader but let me tell you I now have a deep sincere love for the peace that it offers.  

This morning I had a strong urge to take a moment to update everyone on what I have been up to lately, and since I have been making it a practice to follow my intuition it was a must to take a moment to blog.  I am making a promise to not walk away again.  I will keep in contact.  


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