Is TV Sucking the Creativity Out of Me?

Published April 22, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

heart-success-human-potential-viiiThis morning I woke up with a strong feeling that watching television is sucking the creativity out of me.  I have had this feeling before, but let it go because I have dramatically cut back my TV watching already.  There was a time when Television was my best friend.  I watched literally all of the time, and if I wasn’t home I DVR’d.  The whole time I was watching I was incredibly bored.  So, I would head to the fridge and the cupboard grab a bag of chips and a tub of dip and I would be all set for the evening.  However, all that got me was a stones throw from 300 lbs.  Not exactly the greatest pay off.

In January I began reading a book that suggested that I take a short hiatus from the television and social media.  At first I thought I would never make it, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t find myself bored, not once.  I was able to really take a step back.  It became clear that the reason I was almost 300 pounds was that I was living primarily in my subconscious mind, carrying the emotions from all the TV watching.  I was picking up on all the sadness from other people’s problems on Facebook.  Once I was able to separate from all of that I was able to get outside of my head.  It is in the subconscious where boredom lives.  I do not want to live subconsciously.  Allowing the daily worries of life to drag me down.  I can’t change them so they don’t deserve my energy.  I have given all my worries to God.  He is my vindicator.  He will fight my battles for me.  He can do a much better job at righting my wrongs than I can.  So I surrender.

I have chosen to live superciliously.  Allowing my intuition to guide me from one moment to the next.   It is absolutely so important to uncluttered the mind everyday.  Taking the time to take deep cleansing breath and making a commitment to  Meditate daily as well can make all the difference.  I cannot express how much meditating  has enhanced my daily life.  It is an important part of my day.  I must give a shout out to Oprah and Deepak Chopra for their help in getting that started for me.  When I heard of the 21 day Challenge I knew it was for me.  I didn’t miss a day, and now that it is over I have continued on with it.

Anyway, since I have made a personal promise to follow my intuition, the television is going to have to be cut down even more.  There are certain shows I will not miss.  Oprah’s Life Class and Joel Osteen of course and lets not forget Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice.

Off to make the world smile.


2 comments on “Is TV Sucking the Creativity Out of Me?

  • Glad you mentioned Survivor…it’s about the only show I trul hate to miss and I always feel a little lost when a season ends. I think episodes would be great fodder for discussion or teaching material for a college course or something. I always gain insight into myself and other people by watching, and am entertained and amused (and sometimes amazed and appalled) in the process. How does it get any better than that?!

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