Kill’em with Kindness

Published April 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Like everyone, we all live in a society filled with negativity and angry people.  There are times that I am given the “stink eye” for being to happy.  It gives me a chuckle to see people who actually think being happy is an annoying habit.  If that’s the case I intend on being the most annoying person on the planet.


I used to hear people say “just be positive and everything will work out”.  This sounded all well and good, however I thought how can I do this when I am surrounded by negative unhappy people?  Then I figured out how to own my own feelings and allow others to own their’s.  When I was able to recognize whether or not the feelings I was having were mine or someone else’s it was easy to dissociate with those that were not mine.  It was as easy as taking inventory of what I was feeling.  Deciding whether or not what I was feeling had anything to do with me or my day.  If  it didn’t I was able to let it go.  Simple as that.

At first it took some effort.  Mostly just recognizing when a mood would strike me that was out of character for what was happening in my day.  After a relatively short amount of time I was able to catch the change in my mood quickly.  Usually when someone would enter or exit my space.  Did they leave the room with a cleansing, happy feeling or was it more of thickness and tension?  I came to realise that it was only a same small handful of people who would leave the room feeling heavy and tense.  Once I pin pointed the culprits it was easier to let it go.  I simply understood that these people are obviously unhappy, so it became my mission to get them to smile, at least when they were in my presents.  Smiling extra wide when I see them and killing them with kindness really works.  Believe it or not you can change the way a person reacts when they are around you simply by the smile on your face and the tone in your voice.  Oh, yes and being silly is good too.





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