Perception is Reality

Published April 25, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks



The other day while watching Dr. Phil he said something that I have said to my kids so many times.  “What if I told you there was no reality, only perception?”  With three boys at home I cannot express how many times I have told my boys those very words.  There are times when they would argue and when I would talk to them about it I would hear “I was only joking”.  Humor is a funny thing.  Jokes are only funny if the one hearing it thinks it’s funny.  Perception!!

How do you think people are receiving you?  Are you coming across the way you are meaning to come across?  It is so important to not only choose your words carefully but to check your tone while speaking.  I mean, if you are talking to a friend and you express to them that it would be nice if they would join you for lunch, but you say it with a gruff tone they may not think the invitation is genuine.  Or maybe your tone is upbeat, but you say “you can come if you want” which may also have a negative perception.

Maybe if we all tried a little harder to be considerate of others and to check our vocabulary and our tone we may find that people would be more receptive to us.  After all, how a person reacts to what another is saying is primarily the responsibility of the one trying to convey the message.  Therefore, Dr. Phil is correct.  There is no reality.  Only perception.


5 comments on “Perception is Reality

  • What about physical reality? I can’t just be like “I define that I have the ability to fly” and then go about flying. Maybe our mental emotional/reality doesn’t have a real reality but our physical one does. I suppose you could take a writing with a blatantly false description of physical reality and by making all the words mean completely different things in a newly invented language make it an accurate description but the point is that in a concrete sense, a substance(no, I’m not talking about molecular physics)/sensory/experiential sense (use your imagination and imagine I’m just beaming it into your head instead of saying this in words, I use more than just one to try to avoid you making a contextual mistake in interpreting my meaning) there is a reality it’s just one that can only ever be imperfectly symbolized. And understanding reality as the thing itself is often a good way to look beyond symbols but can only be effectively done in the moment and somewhat less effectively for looking at memories and imaginings (since those can become distorted even in substance).

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