Embracing My Human Self

Published April 29, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

1Yesterday was an amazing day.  The sun shined and the temperature made it to 77 degree’s.  Roger and I spent the day together relaxing and cooking out.  We made a healthy meal of chicken and a fresh garden salad.  It was a truly an amazing meal.  Then around 6:30 pm everyone had the idea to get some ice cream.  I haven’t had ice cream or any other type of un-natural sugar in almost four months, so I was conflicted.  Should I indulge or should I not?

I did decide to have some ice cream even though I was a little scared that eating such things could possible send me back to my old self.  However, I do know it’s different this time.  I am not so regimented that I cannot enjoy a dish of ice cream now and again.  Before starting my journey of self discovery I was able to stay faithful as long as I didn’t “cheat”.  Once I allowed a certain food to enter my mouth it was all balls and overall’s.  I would eat until I was sick and was unable to get myself back on track for months.  AFter the damage was so overwhelming it was like starting over all over again.  Not this time.  This time is different.  I am not working toward a “goal” per say, but more of a life long way of life.


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