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Let Them Walk Among the Angels

Published May 31, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

death transition

Death is frightening for most people.  A friend of mine whose father passed away several months ago is having a tough time letting go.  She knows that I am always there for her.  I am a terrific listener but to be honestly is difficult to know someone is hurting so deeply, and not be able to ease that pain.

In the past several months I have done a lot of deep spiritual work.  While embarking on this journey of self discovery I have found that death is not the final stage for those who pass.  While it is certainly final for those of us left on earth to grieve.  We cry for ourselves, and rightly so.  We lose someone we love and on top of that we are left to pick up the pieces and find a way to go on without them.

For those that pass, however, death is not the end, but more of a beginning.  It is a transformation from bodily living to soul living.  A change in worlds, if you will.  They still walk along side of us.  They are simply at a vibration we cannot see.  When you think of them it is because they are there with you.  When you hear their name it’s because they have whispered it in your ear.  If we are open and receptive they will give us signs to help us move forward.  Ask for those signs and you will get them.

We all grieve in our own way.  This can be a difficult process, but the one thing I do know is the amount of time we grieve  is not measurable by the amount that we love them.  Meaning that just because we make the conscious decision to let go doesn’t mean we stop loving.  Letting go displays a great love and is a selfless act by allowing them to be free.  If we become stuck in a state of grief we end up hindering their soul’s ability to be free to walk among the angels.

5. The law of Intention and Desire

Published May 30, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

The Law of Intention And Desire


For a while now I have been journaling my intentions on a daily basis.  Up until now my intentions were vague.  They had little meaning outside of the daily “to do’s” of everyday life.  Yesterday it became clear how important my intentions are to the overall success of my life.  Starting today my intentions will have much more meaning.  They will not be the same old, go to work, come home, blah blah blah.  I am now aware that whatever I place my attention on will bring about the most high rewards.  Therefore I must choose my words carefully to ensure the best results.

With all the deep spiritual work I have done this year it has become clear that all of the problems and difficult situations I encountered prior to my awakening were of my own doing.  I felt the world was against me, and that I was doomed to live a life of misery.  Of course due to my attention to these things, and the intention to stand my ground against everything and anything, was the reason for most of my troubles.  It was tough.  There were times I didn’t think I would make it.  They say everything happens for a reason.  I truly believe that.  I believe I needed to take myself down that road in order to come out better on the other side.  The lessons I have learned from my bouts of depression are lessons of unmeasurable proportion.  I can see now that I needed these lessons to get me to where I am today.  That being the happiest I have ever been.  I have been able to tap into that place of pure comfort within myself .  Thanks to some of the greats such as Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and Penny Peirce I have been able to finally “come into myself” is the best way to describe it.  I am “me”.  I never knew that just being me could be so amazing.

In listening to Deepak go through all of the 7-Spiritual Laws of Success I found a deeper understanding of what it means to release my intentions and desires into the universe.  I also found it quite interesting that he instructed us to keep our intentions and desires to ourselves.  Keep them close to the heart.  Our own little secret.  The reason for this is that if we share our desires with people our thoughts may become contaminated with the judgements and opinions of the outside world.  One important component to this law is to be non-judgemental and open-minded.  Everyone has an opinion on how our lives should go, however, the only opinion that matters is our own.  If we are using meditation to enter the land of pure potentiality we should have no judgments because is our own personal land of opportunity.  It is here that nothing can stand in our way.  We have a dream in our heart, our purpose, which has no boundaries or obstacles standing in our way.

In order for this law to work we must find the stillness within.  The “sweet spot” of pure potentiality.  The place where everything and anything is possible.  Once we have entered the stillness we then can release your intentions and desires in the universe.  Finally,we simply relinquish our attachment to the outcome, relax and enjoy life as the universe puts it all together for us.

How Precious

Published May 29, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

How precious is this?  If only we as human beings could find such splendor is the small things. We could probably take a lesson from such a beautiful animal. This video touched my heart. I just had to share.

What Are Your Intentions?

Published May 29, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

intentionI was sitting here this morning thinking about the fifth law of the 7-Spiritual Laws of Success.  See, I have been journaling my intentions on a daily basis for all of five months now.  Up until today I wrote about how I intended on going to work, have a peaceful day, be productive, yada yada yada, and to be quite honest that was working beautifully for me.  Every day has been beautiful.  I love going there because of the peacefulness I get most of the time.  Of course it is my job so now and again we run into a snag, but those are the best days, it’s like getting a brain teaser out of no where.  Anyway, I guess what I am getting at is maybe I should be aiming my intentions to a much higher level.  Considering most of my life I did get exactly what I wanted.  I can see it now.  Even when I was deeply depressed.  I was putting out into the world my misery and despair.  I felt beneath the world, and I was treated that way.  I felt  less important, and I was.  All of this being the consequence of my thoughts and negative out look on the world.body mind spirit wholeness

As I look back at my life.  I found that I have been a creature of habit.  I was asked to do a  journal exercise that had me note what was ocurring in my life at the time of each weight gain and weight loss.  I was floored when I realized how my emotions and state of mind were the contributing factor to why I had  been unable to find balance in my life up to this point.  The kind of balance that would allow me to find me amongst the clatter, which in turn would bring peace to this emotional roller coaster of eating.  Believe it or not through a series of steps over the past five months I have been able to create that balance.  I feel like it was a miracle which tells me it was surely an awakening of the most miraculous kind.  I always thought I was cursed with a fat brain.  I thought it would be a battle until the day I die, but what I have learned is it was all in my head.  It was as easy as changing my thoughts.  My mind was transformed.

No drugs or cravings, no therapist, and no guilt.  We all have what we need inside of us to find peace.    I must say I have done it all as far as weight loss is concerned.  I have been hypnotized and acupuncture, along with trying every diet on the market.  At one point I nearly went for the weight loss surgery.  Thankfully, I pulled out just in time.  I know a lot of people who have had it done and lost a lot of weight.  I don’t knock anyone for their choices.  To each his own.  It just isn’t for me.  I wanted to find peace with this.  I only ever wanted to be “normal” to have the balance of mind, body and spirit.  That being my greatest intention of all.  I released into the world several months ago.  When I mounted my second dream board.  A display all things spiritual I hoped to create for myself.  From that point on situations started lining up, I began to read and learn.  I began to journal daily my intentions and gratitudes, as well as an awray of other things.  I took a step back form the news, social media and television in general.  I started meditating and everything else just seem to evolve over time.  There was no resistance.  It was not hard.  It was natural.  I am stronger, healthier, and smaller than I was five months ago, and my quality of life has sky rocketed to a place I never thought possible.  I now enjoying the deepest places of peace and pure comfort inside of myself all day every day.

I am blessed.

7-Spiritual Laws of Success

Published May 28, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It took me two days to get through this video.  It is packed full of note worthy information.  Here are the following laws and what I got out of each of them.  I want to thank Deepak Chopra for taking the time to share his wisdom and insight with all of us.

1.  The law of pure potentiality

This law can be reached by the use of mediation.  Only in the midst of the silence are we able to reach pure potentiality.  It is in the silence that anything and everything is possible.

2.  The law of giving

This law creates a consistent flow of giving and receiving because everything that we give is ultimately received back to us.  The more we give the more we receive.  This giving doesn’t have to be of monetary value.  It can be a kind word, a compliment, a hug, or a prayer.  We must make it our purpose to give something to each and every person we come into contact with.  This will lead us to the next law which is,

3.  The law of Karma

Which means that every decision will have a karmic value.  Whether it be good or bad there will be some sort of karma attached to it.  We can be sure to sow the seeds of good karma by asking: Who will my decision affect and what are the consequence.  We can then look within our hearts for the answer.  If the decision is one of ill will or discomfort, simply do not make that decision.  If it carries love and pure comfort then you will know that you are the right track for making a decision that will ultimately benefit you and those affected by such decisions.

4.  The law of least effort

This is my favorite one of all.  It is simple.  We must all things to unfold as they should.  No situation or solution should be forced.  In doing so you are creating ever bigger problems.  There should be a hint of an idea follow by extreme flexibility to move you toward the end result.

5.  The law of intention and desire

Which means whatever we give our attention to will create an intention and desire to manifest the desired result.  There should be no resistance.  This should be easy.  There should be no struggle.

6.  The law of detachment

The law of detachment works only when we surrender our expectation of the end result.  We must pass no judgement.

7.  The law of Dharma

Is simply living your purpose.  Ask:  What are my unique talents, and how should I express them?  and How can my unique talents serve mankind?  After all we are here to serve in some way.  By finding out what our purpose is and how we can help we will find our way to prosperity.

By following each of these laws which are put together as a progression we can be content in knowing that we will acquire the highest form of success.  Success is not measured by the dollars in our pockets, but more about how we serve our fellow-man.  How we make life on this planet better for ourselves as well as others.

For a PDF of the above information you can visit 7-Spiritual laws

Heed the Messages of Our Dreams

Published May 26, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

stuff my brain thinks

As we delve deeper into our imagination and the symbols it uses to communicate with us I am in complete awe at how incredible the meanings are when analyzed. Going deeper than our first and most logical thought, and finding the deeper hidden message to the symbols our intuition uses to communicate is awe-inspiring.  Have you ever had a dream that kind of set the tone for your day, and not in a good way?  As soon as you open your eyes it’s still there, in all of its vividness.  Knowing there is a message there but unable to decipher what the message could be?  I have had these types of dreams many times.  I usually am unable to make sense of them, therefore I put them out of my mind.  However, now that I have some knowledge of symbols and how to interpret them I have found much deeper meanings to some of the dreams I have had recently.  It’s amazing at the important messages I would have missed had I not take the time to look deeper into

One dream in particular was one I had about being on a road trip with my husband.  We had made it to our destination with the use of a regular bicycle, however as we were getting ready to head back we noticed our bicycle was broken.  The seat had been torn from the bike, rendering it unusable.  We decided to rent a moped to finish our trip.  As I saw the moped I noticed first the very wide seat that would definitely be big enough to fit my oversize tush.  I felt it, it was soft.  I felt confident that it would hold me and make for a comfortable trip.  As I climbed on the moped I saw the tires squish slightly under the weight of my body.  They held me.  Again I felt relieved and supported.  As we were getting ready to take off I noticed a group of people eating and drinking as a set of picnic tables watching and laughing at me.  I could hear them making fun of my size and the poor moped having to bare the weight of my body.  As we were pulling away I looked at all of them, feeling powerful I raised my hand to the sky, and gave them the finger as we pulled out into the roadway.  I felt liberated from them.  They had no meaning in my life.  The next thing I noticed were the multicolored trees ahead and the road racing past us with its smooth almost sleek texture.  Just then my husband pulled his shirt over his head while driving and I stated:  “if you are going to do things like that I don’t think I can do this with you”

That was my dream in a nut shell.  When I woke from this dream I initially felt disturbed and hurt by it.  I felt like I was berating myself as I slept about my weight.  To be honest it took some writing to be able to get on with my day and leave those hurtful thoughts behind.  So, today as I was working on my lesson on symbols and how to find their hidden meaning I decided to decode this very disturbing dream.  When I did I was surprised at the outcome.  The message I got after looking deeper was one of great love and wisdom.  It was not a negative dream, but one of enlightenment.

dream-catcherHere is my interpretation of this dream.  The seat of the moped being large and soft represented the comfort of my journey.  The tires of the moped only squished slightly letting me know that they were pliable.  I got a sense of reassurance that I was being supported in my journey ahead.  The broken bicycle represented the leaving of something behind that was broken and no longer useful to me.  My flipping the people off making fun as I drove away represents the abandonment of the old tired Michele.  Those ugly old negative thoughts and feelings are gone now.  What is left is the new Michele.  You are coming into your new state of being.  The landscape of multicolored trees is a representation of my path.  The path I am heading to is beautiful and meaningful.  The road itself and how it was passing by at a high rate of speed represents the speed in which I am moving toward my higher self, and living in a state of purposefulness.  Finally, Roger removing his shirt while driving and my saying I am not sure I can do this with you represents the fact that we are moving in completely different directions in our lives and I question whether or not we will be able to stay on this road together.  All in all, I found this dream inspirational.  Now that I have found the interpretation of each of the prevalent symbols.  I believe my superconscious mind was giving me the message that I have successfully made the shift from my old negative self, to my new more positive self.  The old being self-destructive, depressed and pessimistic, to the new full of optimism, peace and pure comfort.

This shift that has taken nearly five months.  In the first step of the creative cycle we get the inspiration to make the necessary changes.  Naturally the inspiration comes with a healthy dose of motivation which makes it easier to get going.  When I made the necessary changes, I saw results immediately.  My clothes started to feel looser, and my breathing was getting better every day.  I know longer agonized over the scary thought of suffocating myself to death because I smoked.  I felt on top of the world.  I continued on making mindful decisions on what to do next to ensure my success.  I was hooked.  My energy level was on high and I became one organized machine.  Over time this way of living has become natural.  It requires less and less mindfulness on my part.  I have mastered the second part of the creative cycle.  Having the results of the initial inspiration.  Finally after several months I settled into the third and last step in the creative cycle.  The “being” part of the cycle, and the one most of us fall short on.  When we finally make it to this stage the motivation and excitement is gone, we have become the initial inspiration.  You can recognize this stage because you will become bored.  A lot of times when we get to this stage we succumb to the boredom and  turn to our old behavior and addictions for excitement once again.  Now that I am aware that I was doing this over and over again, I have found it within me to embrace the boredom.

When I recognized that I had made it through every cycle, and that all I had to do was relax, and “just be” what my intuition initially beckoned me to be, I found it within me to embrace the boredom.  I sort of reveled in it at first all the while reading and journaling my thoughts.  Which for me meant the difference between success and failure.  I kept my mind stimulated by delving into other things, finding other interests, other ways of stimulating my mind.  This helped greatly in allowing me to settle into this new person I have become.  It gave me exactly what I needed to bridge the gab between just being and my next inspiration to activate the creative cycle, growing intuitively and spiritually.

In Times of Sadness

Published May 25, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff my brain thinks about peaceWe all have times of sadness.  No one can be happy 100% of the time.  That is just not natural.  Well, this weekend, I am finding myself  feeling sullen.  I guess I should thank God, because it has been a really long time since I have felt this type of sadness.  When I look deeper into the reason I am feeling down, I can see right away that it’s mostly about money along with my being sick, and not seeing the sunshine in almost a week.  I know in my heart that this to shall pass, and everything will be just fine.  I am certain of this because it always is.  I have been through hard times a lot over the years and never once was it NOT alright.  We have always made it and we always will.  It seems foolish, as I am writing, that I am allowing something so silly steal my joy.

I am sure that this is just another test that I must go through to get to the next chapter in my life.  However, I must say I would really like to pass this one, so that I don’t have to keep being tested over and over again on the same subject.  I feel like, yes, I am sad, but at the same time I have not slipped into a depression over it.  That has to give me a much better score this time around.  I believe and trust that God has taken care of all of this, and it will all work out for the best.  I also believe that each and every time we are faced with any kind of turbulence in our lives that if we stay in faith we will come out better than we were before.  Success is just on the other side of frustration.  That is why so many people stay in a state of frustration.  They get there, give up, and start again right as they are about to come into their season.  I, for one, am not giving up.  I know that I have great things coming to me in my future.  I will never again give up on myself again.  I know that when I am frustrated I must keep pushing through in order to see real successes come forth.  peace

I am not going to spend my entire weekend feeling down over a situation I cannot change.  My worrying will not create money, nor will it make me feel better, or make the sun shine.  It will not change the actually outcome of anything.  By worrying, I am saying to God that I don’t believe and trust in Him.  Therefore, I am stopping that right now.  I do believe and trust in Him.  I know that no one is immune to hard times.  We all have them.  It’s how we handle them that is going to make the difference between success and failure.  Since changing my way of thinking I have found that even the hard times aren’t so hard anymore.  I am pretty good at making the shift into my higher awareness quicker and easier than ever before.  In this place of love and peace, I can and will always find the encouragement to keep moving forward with the grace of an angel.

Being Mindful, Not Mind Full

Published May 24, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

out of the box

This morning while blow drying my hair it became clear that my mind was on the run.  I began to notice I was going from one thought to another.  It was like my brain was running a muck.  As soon as I realized it I took a deep breath and used the mantra “I am” silently to myself.  I instantly became still, and as I did I felt the tension in my body release.  After a few more deep breaths using my mantra I had successfully shifted from a subconscious world view to a superconscious wold view.  It was that quick.  All of those random nonsensical thoughts vanished and I was left with peace of mind.  It has become clear to me that if I am not careful I could become stuck in the subconscious world view.  A place of fear and anxiety?  No thanks.  Been there done that.

I guess it all comes back to having unwavering faith that all shall unfold as it should.  The good and the bad being part of the end result.  Believing that our path is our path why struggle through it.  It is easier, really, to relax and let it go.  Understanding full well that God has it all taken care of.  Have you ever had a situation that if you would have let it be it would have turned out much better, much quicker?  I know I have.  I have forced situations in my life before only to have them end even worse than they would have had I just let go in the first place.


I have learned that if I want to live a quality life I have to be mindful of myself.  What am I thinking?  Why am I thinking that?  Is it negative or positive?  I have to keep track of these things because when I did allow my mind to run a muck, I ended up deeply depressed and detached from my family.  It was no way to live.  It is so important to monitor our thoughts.  I read somewhere that we have somewhere from sixty to seventy thousand random thoughts a day.  How can we even understand what is happening to us internally due to those thoughts if we don’t hear them.  Since I began making it a practice to  pay attention to my thoughts.  I have noticed the way my body reacts to them.  I can certainly tell the difference between living subconsciously and superconsciously.  Being in a subconscious state is a state of prior experiences mostly the bad ones.  My subconscious mind doesn’t use the good experiences to “show” me anything.  It is full of fear and anxiety.  This is not the place in which you want to get your answers from. Making decisions on impulse or due to your emotions usually warrants a bad outcome.  One the other hand, being in a superconscious state feels light and uplifting.  In this state everything and anything is possible.  The world is my oyster.  Life is full of endless possibilities.  All my problems have solutions I just have to listen for them to become clear to me and simply follow.  It is not always going to be the easy fix, but it will be easier that trying to figure it out on our own.  The right way is always presented to us.  Do we take it or do we skirt around it ultimately exacerbating the issue?

quotes-forgiveness-tony-robbins-600x411Anyway, this is all coming from a girl who was so wrapped up in her subconscious world view at one point felt as though she were at the bottom of a dark well, looking up and could only see a dot of sunshine.  At one point happiness to meant dying to me.  I was trapped under a heavy load of thoughts that were so exaggerated they had no credibility what-so-ever.  Once I started to really listen to my thoughts it became easier and easier to draw out the bogus ones, and let them go.  Little by little I called them out, disputed them in my mind, realized they had no validity and let them all go.  Something as a young person, I never thought possible.  I thought I was doomed to live this way.  berated in my own mind.  Why would anyone want to live that way?  I can answer that, no one wants to live being a prisoner to their own mind.  No one wants to hear constant negativity running like a tape recorder through their head day in, day out.  And the good news no one has to.  We are fully capable and have the power to rid our minds of unwanted thoughts.  There are usually a few that play over and over again.  Those are the easiest to pick out and the easiest to leave behind.  Call them out, analyze them.  Is it true?  And if it is, should you be punished for it everyday of your life?  Have you been punished enough?  Human beings are terrible for wanting to punish and be punished for the same mistake thousand of times.  We are human, we make mistakes.  It’s OK.  Forgive yourself and move on.  I am very forgiving of others.  It was learning to forgive myself that was difficult.  Difficult, but not impossible.  I do forgive myself for everything I have done in my past.  I live to mean no harm therefore I deserve to be forgiven.  We all do.

Dare to Be Imaginative

Published May 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff my brain thinks

I have been learning lately to use my imagination more often.  I have been taking small breaks throughout the day to imagine myself in playful situations.  It has actually made me feel lighter and even happier than I was before.  As children we used our imagination all of the time.  unfortunately, this gets lost on us as we become adults.  Adults need to be imaginative just as much, if not more than children.  Using our imagination, much like meditation is a great way to relieve stress.  If you are having a particularly stressful day, taking the time to imagine yourself sitting on a beach sipping martini’s while enjoying the scenery made up of white sands and the crystal blue water.  This could be the relaxing get a way you need, and you can get it quickly and without leaving the office.  You can  do this while sitting at your desk, during a short walk, or even during a restroom break.  You can tap into your imagination pretty much anywhere, and without anyone knowing.

Tapping into our imagination can also help to manifest different things in our lives.  If we can imagine it, and really feel it, we have a good chance of bringing it to us.  The more we use our imagination the easier and more vivid it becomes.  Like anything being more imaginative takes practice.  I for one am planning on practicing until I can get there quickly and easily.


The Law of Abundance

Published May 23, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today my boss and his investment man came into the office and informed me that they would be setting me up a 401k that should have been done last year therefore they would be making a sizable contribution to my account as soon as the paper work is submitted. Yet more proof that what I am doing to manifest money in my life is working. First 12 cents, now much, much more. 🙂

Stuff My Brain Thinks

Stuff my brain thinksRecently I read a blog about manifesting money into our lives.  I found it quite intriguing, so much so that it has been stuck in my mind ever since.  See, I have watched the movie The Secret.  I do understand the law of attraction, but I have never been able to manifest money.  I have however, been able to manifest so many other things, such as my job, my house, and my car to name a few.  These things came easy to me.  They were seemingly just handed to me on a silver platter.  My house and car were a manifestation from a dream board I created last year.  I pasted the pictures onto the dream board not thinking much of it.  It was my first dream board, and to be honest I was quite skeptical.  However, looking back I can see how it took less than six months for…

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